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PowerGym Pole dance bar 45mm

Art.nr: PG8005
36% Rabatt

PowerGym Pole dance bar 45mm

Incredibly fun
Super training
Exercise when it suits you


Love to dance, do you like to train and do you love challenges? Then this dance bar is for you. Pole dancing is timely and an incredibly effective form of exercise that will get you in shape in record time in a fun and challenging way. It is perfect for letting go a little and raising your energy level. You can train alone or have fun with a friend. A complete set for beginners and those who want more. Many people call this a stripper bar, which you can also use it for. However, this is more the new trend in training than a tool for erotic dance.

- Improves body shape
- Increases your flexibility
- Improves balance
- Increases cardio endurance
- Aerobic cardio strengthening
- Strengthens and tightens up the abdomen, back, thighs, legs, arms, neck and shoulders

Fits most roofs (223cm - 274cm). Supports use weight up to 90 kg.
Pole diameter: 4.5 cm
Mounted by pressure against floor and ceiling. No screw mounting required.
Twistable and static - so the bar can spin around with your movements, but can also be static. Everything
in the same rod.

Material: steel with chromium plating

Weight 13.5Kg (H109xW41xL11)

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