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GODFOT Professional shoe insoles

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GODFOT Professional shoe insoles

Pressure relief - Blood circulation - Comfort

Godfot Professional is a robust shoe insoles that has been developed especially for use in all types of work shoes / safety shoes.

It has an extra shock-absorbing and insulating cushion on the underside which means that it is slightly thicker (5.5 mm below the heel and 3.5 mm below the toes) than the standard GODFOT Basic sole. The shoes should therefore be a little spacious so that the soles can be placed on top of existing soles. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a sole to fit the shoe.

The liquid in the sole ensures an evenly distributed pressure load over the entire sole of the foot when you stand still. As you move, the pressure from the hard surface is both dampened and varied. This helps to prevent strain injuries and to relieve pain for those who are already struggling with such injuries. The movements in the sole act as a massage for the feet and thereby stimulate blood circulation. Good blood circulation in the feet counteracts cold, tired and swollen legs. The soles have a silky soft surface which is very comfortable for the feet. Normal life for the soles for daily use is 6 - 12 months. Lifespan may vary with body weight and how they are treated.

Read more about the product here: https://godfot.no/


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